Company Overview

SB Equities is a privately-owned real estate concern, investing in commercial and industrial real estate. The company currently owns and manages 2.5 million square feet directly, while indirect ownership with related entities totals an additional 5 million square feet. The primary acquisition focus is on value-added opportunities and sale/leasebacks throughout the Midwest and Southern US.


Latest News

A cold winter’s night.

Savvy investors need to pay attention to property maintenance issues associated with the harsh winter.

Have You Ever Been on a Really Long Car Ride?

2013 was as strong of a year as the market has witnessed over the last 5 years, which begs the question - are we back to normal?

Grading Time

If you are a frequent reader of this blog (and shame on you if you aren’t), you’ll know that each January, one of my first blog entries is a review of my social media goals from the past year.  So let’s break them down: Blog – last year, I boldly proclaimed that I would shoot […]

Talking TXT

Similar to texting, real estate can have a language all of its own. The December Properties magazine discusses some of the more common terms.


The savvy real estate investors has a variety of analytical measures available to help evaluate opportunities. But knowing which one to use when can make all of the difference.

Sweating the details.

When it comes to terms and conditions of a loan, most investors are more concerned about the terms - interest rate, amortization period and loan term. But the conditions can be just as important.

Race on Sunday, Drive on Monday

As our workforce continues to evolve, the needs, desires and preferences of the office workforce has changed.  This has certainly flowed through to the design and layout for office space.  The Baby Boomer generation works and uses office space considerably different than the Generation X and Y’ers.  And don’t even get me started on the […]

Halfway Home

2013 is moving along and the real estate investment market in Cleveland is moving right along with it.  Activity levels have been solid over the first six months of the year, with a nice blend of transactions – both by size and type.  However, the market still has some choppy waters to navigate, namely several […]

Is the party over?

Growing signs are pointing to an end of the widespread distress that has plagued the commercial real estate industry.

The Soothsayer

The whole world changed in 2008 but many of the signs were visible much sooner.